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♥~June Slots are now open~♥
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                        ~*~I do not work Saturdays or Sundays~*~

I do not paint recast dolls 

About Chi No Tenshi

Chi no Tenshi is about customization of dolls all alike-- Resin BJDs, Vinyl, ABS-- You name it! I have been working on doll customization for many years now from barbie repaints to BJD modifications. It is a great treasure when you can make a living out of what you truly enjoy and that is why I am here. I do face-ups and repaints, I do modifications and restorations, and I have done some rather amazing tattoo jobs. For the most part I work on BJDs. A lot of my work is mold-able meaning that I can do what others want/need with very little deviation for the client's personal vision. I had to be a human printer for a year and a half so I am pretty good at following both visual, verbal, and even characteristics sent in a bio about said doll. Do not be afraid to ask if I can do a specific style you want! Just because I do not have it in my portfolio it does not mean I cannot do it.
Do note that I Will Not copy someone elses work.
The Butterfly System
[b]The Heart System[/b]
With each order I will fill in one butterfly, which is located on the back of your card.
After you fill 3 butterflies, your next order will get the 10% discount. Once you have filled up a card you will get a special thank you gift from me (as well as a new card to fill out). Make sure you do not throw out your card until it is time for a new one ^_^~ <3 

About Jisatsu

Hello, I am Jisatsu (or some call me Ji, for short) or you can even call me Stevie. I live in Nebraska and I have been in the hobby since 2005. I have been doing face-ups on BJDs since 2006 and have enjoyed every one (even if there were hardships). I have grown a lot since my first face-up and will always continue to grow! I enjoy quite a lot of other things from anime, manga, singing, dancing and various other forms of artwork. I cannot always enjoy everything fully as I do have some health complications that I have to work around most days. My dolls are my passion and I am grateful to have so many new and old friends who support me with this work that I do. I hope to get many more new friends and my greatest wish is to help you all bring your dolls to life.

My Commission Process

PLEASE read my policies in the Policies tab before contacting for commission 

I work in layers and will not seal in a layer without your approval. Each layer I will take several photos which I will send you. If they are to your liking I will seal that layer. Please make sure you state clearly you approve a layer once you have seen these photos. I don't mind chatting at all but that needs to be clear so I can continue onto the next step or fix what needs fixed in a timely manner ^__^

That said-- If you suddenly change your mind on approved layers... There will be a redo fee. I used to offer 1 free redo but due to abuse of this policy in the past I can no longer waste the materials without compensation.

Once your doll is finished I will send final photos along with a return shipping quote. I will almost always ship next business day after your payment clears and always provide tracking.

I ONLY ship via USPS Priority Mail tracked. I can upgrade to Expedited if you request and pay for it but I will not ship First Class as it is unreliable and tracking is not step-by-step. If you would like insurance, please let me know and for how much so I can make sure that is included.

I am located in the USA but I do work often with international customers, happily. Due note that not all countries allow me to ship from home so your package may then be shipped on Mondays only.

Please feel free to message me here or via email if you need anything further and thank you for considering me.